Groom Duties

What Is Your Role When You Are Engaged?

What are the groom duties? Need groom advice? Making sure you take on the proposal, engagement and wedding with style is crucial. You are showing your bride that you are stepping up. You will find 18 groom tips that help you as you move forward.

18 Helpful Groom Duties

1. Ask Her Parents For Permission
This is not deemed necessary, but it is a courteous move on your part. Back in the day it was to always ask the Father, but asking the people most important to her is very reflective on your character.  Just find that right moment to speak to them. groom duties checklist

2. Wedding Proposal – How To Propose
There are so many different ways to propose. Propose in a way that fits her personality and how you live your lives. If she loves grand displays of excitement then go for it. If she would like simplicity then she probably wouldn’t completely appreciate ‘Will You Marry Me’ on a huge billboard.groom duties checklist

3. Engagement Ring & Wedding Ring
You know your bride-to-be better than anyone. Would she want to go with you to pick out her ring or would she want to be surprised? groom duties checklist

Click here to see some gorgeous wedding ring ideas

4. Tell Each Of Your Parents First
Tell your parents first and call all of those that you are close to.
Don’t let those you are closes to to find out via social media.groom duties checklist

5. Set Up A Nail Appointment For Her
Before you pop the question set up a nail appointment for her. After she says I do she will want to show off her new ring to the world. groom duties checklist

6. Get your Ring Appraised and Insured
This is very important and time cannot be wasted on this.groom duties checklist

7. Pick Out A Wedding Date
It doesn’t have to be an exact date. Just having a season, month or year makes things move along when you are sharing with others. Whether you say Spring of next year, Christmas of 2018, etc. it will take a lot of pressure off of her, as well as in regards to her wedding planning to do list.groom duties checklist

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8. You Need The Perfect Wedding Day Gift

Her wedding dress sketched and framed…the most important dress she will ever wear. The dress she has been dreaming of since she was a little girl. Learn more about the most perfect gift from you to her…. Click here 




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9. Write Your Own Speech

A wedding speech to knock her socks off and leave everyone in tears and laughter is the goal here. The WeddingSpeechBuilder is the coolest site to help you write the best speech ever! You receive a vault of smart, sentimental and witty groom speech samples, groom speech examples and groom speech templates…. Click here 

groom speech

Created by Teksomolika –

10. Share Your Opinions
It is your wedding as well so let her know what involvement you would like. This would also alleviate some of the pressure that a bride feels, as most of the duties get placed on her plate.groom duties checklist

11. Don’t Let Her Get Overwhelmed With Planning
Maybe hire a wedding planner or wedding coordinator to help her in the process so she doesn’t get stressed to the max. Choosing a destination location (less planning is needed from the couple) can help you enjoy your engagement. A happy bride is a happy engagement.

There are going to be a lot of people involved; Mother, Mother-In-Law, Maid of Honor, etc. If these key people are barraging your bride or if your bride is getting irritated it is time for you to step in and protect her. She is planning the most magical day of her life and you want her to enjoy every element.groom duties checklist

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12. Get Dressed To The Nines
She is wearing a new wedding dress. You need to step up as well. Purchase a new suit (you can wear yours again), shirt, tie, shoes and even undies. Get a good shave, new haircut, etc. Break in your wedding shoes before your wear them.groom duties checklist

13. Keep Your Groomsmen In The Loop
These are your boys so keep them in the loop and in check. It is your duty to remove all of this off of your bride’s plate. You are in charge of them, so let her know you have this taken care of. groom duties checklist

14. Don’t Start Your Wedding Day Tired & Hungover
Don’t drink too much the night before. You want to fully enjoy your big day.groom duties checklist

15. Groom Wedding Day Planning Checklist
Where are the rings??? Don’t panic!!! Your checklist will keep you focused on your groom duties. Your lovely bride can help you with this wedding checklist as well.groom duties checklist

16. Wedding Day Breakfast
Eat a high in protein and complex carb breakfast. Be full and you can enjoy your morning much better so as to focus on your groom duties. groom duties checklist

17. Wedding Gift From The Groom To The Bride
Send your bride a wedding day gift. A gift for the bride from her groom is so special. This is just that one little piece to let her know that you are truly excited for this magical day that starts your life together. Wedding Gift From Groom To Bride

Find the best wedding gift for your bride

18. Sneak Away
Pull her aside during the reception to reconnect. You will both want to savor the moment of being husband and wife without the chaos of everyone around you both. Just five minutes will connect you both so you can tackle the rest of your evening.Groom Duties

These are just a few wedding day planning tips for the groom. Groom duties that show you have it all under control.

20 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s time to be romantic.

All you have to do is find a perfect gift for your one true love. A perfect Valentine’s Day gift to take her breath away.

I know what you are going to say…How do I find the best gift for her?

The best gift is the gift you choose from the heart. All you have to do is spend a little time and think what would make her day? What would make her smile? What would make her know you put her first?

I have come up with 20 gift ideas to help you find that perfect gift for her.


20 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

I created this Valentine’s Day Gift idea list to fit every budget and style. Happy shopping.

valentines day gift A backpack to show off the real you. This leather backpack has a rugged look with the bright pop of red.  A great bag for school, going to the gym or as your everyday bag. Click here to order. 

Valentine's Day GiftPersonalized journal with a front and back cover made with heavyweight recycled chipboard. You can have your favorite quote, song title or funny secret between the both of you. With 100 sheets you can write the most romantic love letter for her. Click here to order.

valentine's day gift
A few wedding photos are needed to create a wedding dress sketch with a suit sketch.  A way to commemorate this special day – the day she married you. Click here to order.

Valentine's Day GiftSet of 3 interlinked sterling silver textured personalised heart bangles. Handmade silver hammered stacked bracelets make a classic piece that is perfect for every girl.Click here to order.

 Valentine's Day GiftHandmane golden flower necklace with pearls and a beaded gold flower. A little glam and a little class. Click here to order.

Valentine's Day Gift

Coffee of the Week Subscription for one month. Freshly roasted to order. Perfect reason to stay in bed longer. Click here to order.

Valentine's Day GiftBeautiful rose gold druzy post earrings for that romantic date night. Click here to order.

Valentine's Day Gift Personalized frame with the names of your choice.  The artwork has a glossy smooth easy to clean finish. Click here to order.

Valentine's Day GiftA unique personalized keychain with a customized calendar. This handmade piece is customized for each order. Click here to order.

Valentine's Day Gift

I like her butt. I like his beard. Sassy mugs to get your day started. The design is on both sized of the mugs. Click here to order.

Valentine's Day GiftA personalized pillow cover would be perfect for the bedroom. Click here to order

Valentine's Day GiftA sexy over-sized, wide neck Glittery “Be Mine” sweatshirt! the French terry raglan is lightweight and luxurious. Click here to order.

Valentine's Day GiftHandmade Portuguese filigree is made of fine sterling silver or gold wire created together. A beautiful piece of jewelry that is just dainty enough. Click here to order.

Valentine's Day GiftCarefully folded pages form this special folded book of art is a lovely way to say I Love You. Click here to order. 

 Valentine's Day Gift
Tulip heart wreath can you picked out with red, white and pink artificial tulips. Click here to order.

Valentine's Day Gift
Decorative letters that spell KISS…need I say any more. Click here to order.

 Valentine's Day Gift

Hand crafted stainless-steel flower is perfect for the garden. Click here to order.

Valentine's Day Gift

Custom GPS coordinates wood sign made from a tree slice using home latitude and longitude coordinates, wedding location coordinates, engagement location coordinates, or for any other special location that you would like to use. Click here to order.


Valentines' Day GiftSuper cute his and hers t-shirts. Each is hand printed on heather gray American Apparel tri-blend track tees. Click here to order.

Valentine's Day Gift12 romantic and perfect date night ideas, which are printed on beautiful pink paper, rolled into scrolls and placed in a wood chest.Click here to order.

Romantic Movies To Watch For Her Anniversary

Romantic Anniversary Ideas

Romantic Movies

Finding that perfect movie whether it is for a date, anniversary or Valentine’s Day idea. We have come up with a few ideas to help you out for romantic anniversary ideas.

Romantic Anniversary Ideas

You’ve Got Mail
The Notebook

For Love Of The Game

Love Actually

When Harry Met Sally

The Proposal

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Romantic Anniversary Ideas

Say Anything

Dear John

Mama Mia

Pretty Woman

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Sleepless In Seattle

Bridget Jones’ Diary

1 bridget

When Harry Met Sally

The Holiday

Click here to find a list of romantic movies.

Don’t Forget About An Anniversary Gift…Her Wedding Dress Sketched & Framed

wedding gift from groom


Groom’s Guide To Choosing Your Wedding Party

Groom’s Guide to Choosing the Best Man, Groomsmen and Ushers

Click here to read more on how and who to choose from the groom’s guide.  This is a big decision and you want to choose those you are personally close with, as well as those that are close to you such as your brother and even her brother for example.

Groom’s Guide

Groom's Guide

Don’t forget about a wedding day gift for the bride.
Her Wedding Dress Sketched & Framed.


Wedding Gift From Groom


Wedding Gift From Groom

Wedding, the union of two individuals, is taking place all over the world, since ages with a variety of customs and traditions which kept coming and going including the wedding gift. It has been in practice since the 1100s. But you will find it interesting that during this period when the groom had to give a gift traditionally to the bride, wedding was not based on love and romance!

In Norway, the tradition of gifts to bride was a folk tradition and was alive till the mid-1800s; but after that, a Norwegian law arrived which eliminated the bride’s right to such gifts.

Whether you are giving a wedding gift from groom to bride or you are giving a wedding gift from bride to groom we have provided you with a few of our favorite top 10 wedding gift ideas to each other.  I am a huge fan of all the lovelies on Etsy and you can see their amazing talent below.

Wedding Gift Ideas

wedding gift to bride from groom

Write a special message to your Wife for the day you marry.
Etsy Source

Gift For Bride From Groom   Gift From Groom To Bride
wedding gift to bride from groomPresent her with a sketch of her dress, your suit and so much more.
Have someone send the photos in for a surprise for you both.

Gift For Bride From Groom  Gift From Groom To Bridewedding gift to bride from groom

Write a special message to your Husband for the day you marry.
Etsy Source

Gift For Bride From Groom ♥ Gift From Groom To Bridewedding gift to bride from groom

A customized you can give to your special one on the day of.
Etsy Source

Gift For Bride From Groom   Gift From Groom To Bridewedding gift to bride from groom

Personalized cufflinks for your man.
Etsy Source

Gift For Bride From Groom ♥ Gift From Groom To Bridewedding gift to bride from groom

Handmade using real chicken eggs and paint, your heartfelt note is cleverly enclosed inside and will be revealed once cracked open!
Etsy Source

Gift For Bride From Groom   Gift From Groom To Bridewedding gift to bride from groom

Journal all the reasons you want to marry your one true love.
Etsy source

Gift For Bride From Groom ♥  Gift From Groom To Bridewedding gift to bride from groom
‘I’m her mister can’t wait to kiss her’ socks.
Etsy Source


Gift For Bride From Groom   Gift From Groom To Bridewedding gift to bride from groom

Just In Case You Get Cold Feet label.
Etsy Source

Gift For Bride From Groom ♥  Gift From Groom To BrideWedding GiftPersonalized frame.
Etsy Source

Don’t forget about a wedding day gift for the bride…Her Wedding Dress Sketched & Framed



Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Her

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

stocking stuffer ideas

stocking stuffer ideas


I love Brittany’s list from….so I am sharing a few stocking stuffer ideas. To view all 75 gift ideas for her click here.

Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Beauty – Always making her look and feel beauty. 

1. EOS lip balm
2. EOS hand lotion
3. Lipgloss / lipstick

stocking stuffer ideas

Beauty Gift Ideas

Clothing – Fashion trends that are fun and sexy. 

1. Camp Socks
2. Scarves
3. Ear warmers / hat

stocking stuffer ideas

Fashion Ideas

Tech – Tech items always needed.

1. Phone cases
2. Headphones / earbuds
3. Cord taco (this is pretty cool)

stocking stuffer ideas

Phone Charger

Arts / Crafts – Time To Get Creative

1. Washi Tape
2. Colored pencils
3. Pretty pencils

stocking stuffer ideas

Stationery Ideas

Desk / Paper – Keeping The Office Trendy

1. A small planner
2. Candle holder
3. A cute notepad

stocking stuffer ideas

Ideas For Your Office

Baking / Cooking – Yummy Treats. 

1. Cookie cutters
2. Cook books
3. Cupcake liners

stocking stuffer ideas

For The Kitchen

Little Things – Odds & Ends

1. Framed picture of both of you
2. Ferrero Rocher chocolates
3. Her favorite magazine

stocking stuffer ideas

Eucalyptus Oil

Click here to view all 75 stocking stuffers. Perfect last minute Christmas gifts for her.

The Detailed Male

As a fashionista in the wedding world we love creating beautiful artwork of a wedding gown, as well as the suit. The Detailed Male is my greatest find, because now there is no reason for you not to be ready for the big day. The Detailed Male helps accessorize you with pocket squares, lapel flowers and button pins.

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The Detailed Male can create custom orders to suit your needs. They offer customizable pocket squares, lapel flowers, and button pins in a variety of colors, trims and fabrics.  Click here to learn more.


Don’t Forget About Your Wife.
Her Wedding Dress Sketched & Framed


10 Cool Groomsmen Gifts

Show your guys how much you appreciate them. Your groomsmen are special, shouldn’t their thank you gifts be as well? So many memorable, affordable and utterly unique gifts for the favorite men in your life! Click on each gift idea to order and see more!

This post contains affiliate links and I’ll earn a small commission if you shop through them.  This is how we help to make money so we can continue to bring you amazing content.


Personalized MLB Clubhouse Print with Matted Frame


Personalized 26 oz. Mason Jar Mixology Set


Personalized All-in-One Tailgate Cooler Chair


FanMats Collegiate Car Mats


Personalized Glass Cocktail Shaker


Black Border Designer Tie Clip


Professional Poker Set


Black Border Designer Cufflinks


The Guys Frame


Personalized Rustic Craft Beer Carrier with Bottle Opener


Don’t Forget About A Wedding Gift To Your Bride…Her Wedding Dress Sketched & Framed.

Grooms Fashion

They’ve got style, they’ve got grace…







Grooms Fashion consults with grooms and groomsmen in the NY/NJ Area.

View their gallery by clicking here.


Don’t Forget About A Wedding Gift To Your Bride…Her Wedding Dress Sketched & Framed.