First Year Marriage Tips

I stumbled upon this amazing blogger who loves love and they truly are showing others how to make it work with marriage tips and ideas.

“First year of marriage advice is essential for newlyweds to enjoy and adjust to their first year of marriage!

If you just put the ring on, or consider yourself a newlywed, look no further. We have also been where you are today.

We know what it feels like and had some really hard moments during our first few months of marriage.

That being said, we wrote the First Year of Marriage book and published this article to serve as a resource for your first year of marriage.” 

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Grooms Speech

What a great find for the grooms speech! Top Wedding Sites has created a perfect article to help you write the perfect speech. Click here to read the full article. 

grooms speech

Get A Personal Sketch Of Your Bride’s Wedding Dress
Perfect Wedding Day Gift From Youwedding-gift-from-groom

Glitter Mason Jar

Beautiful glitter mason jar is perfect for your wedding. The shimmering mason jars are a stunning piece to set the elegance for your wedding day. 

Glitter Mason Jar

Top Gold Wedding Ideas of 2017

Creating the perfect palette style, with gold wedding ideas,  for your wedding sets the tone for your wedding day. Picking out gold with a combination of a soft palette or with a rich palette creates the direction of how your guests will feel. There are so many gold combinations that we had to share a few of them.  Click here to see all the stunning gold styles for 2017.

Gold Wedding Ideas

Gold Wedding Ideas

gold wedding ideas

Gold Wedding Ideas


Don’t forget about a wedding day gift exchange.
Your Wedding Dress & His Suit Sketched Too!

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Best Valentine’s Day Gift 2017

Best valentines day gifts

Are you in search of the best Valentine’s Day Gift for her and him? You can find romantic, fun, quirky and perfect gifts for your wife or husband. We wanted to offer a little bit of everything for every style and taste. 


Best Valentines Day Gift For Her

Best Valentine's Day Gift

Soft, smooth T-shirt for wife to show off how awesome you are.  Shop Here!

Best Valentine's Day Gift

Two-layered initial disc necklace available as sterling silver,  14K yellow gold filled
or 14K rose gold filled. Shop Here!


Best Valentine's Day Gift

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera  with  ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology. Shop Here!

Best Valentine's Day Gift

Her wedding dress, your suit and free bouquet created as a fashion sketch. Shop Here!

Best Valentine's Day Gift

All-purpose fashioned  sleek genuine leather tote in  inky black or rugged brown. Shop Here!

Photography session for Valentine’s Day, Anniversary or Engagement photos – St Louis, MO. Shop Here!

Best Valentine's Day Gift

Six yummy blends of a small-batch peanut butter sampler made from honey roasted peanuts. Shop Here!

Best Valentine's Day Gift

Expertly curated wines that are completely personalized to her choice. Shop Here!

Serenity Now Float Spa

Set up an appointment to free herself from stress, anxiety and pain – St Louis, MO. Shop Here!

Best Valentine's Day Gift

Romantic hidden message ‘I love you!’ mug. Shop Here!

Best Valentine's Day Gift

Place the Adzuki bean side of the bar over the skin for a great massage sensation. Shop Here!

Best Valentine's Day Gift

Book fold is a phenomenal way to say I Love You personalized with your initials. Shop Here!

Best Valentine's Day Gift

One half dozen beautifully realistic wooden red roses. Shop Here!

Best Valentine's Day Gift

Crocheted wool bear with heart for a perfect romantic gift. Shop Here!

Best Valentine's Day Gift

Godiva exquisite chocolate gift basket. Shop Here!

Best Valentine's Day Gift

Burt’s Bees bath and body set. Shop Here!

Best Valentine's Day Gift

Dolce & Gabbana Eau de Toilette and Body Cream. Shop Here!

Best Valentine’s Day Gift For Him

Best Valentine's Day Gift

Thick and solid brass cuff that was cut, polished, and shaped entirely by hand. Shop Here!

Best Valentine's Day Gift

Personalized cuff links in any background color with customized wording. Shop Here!

Best Valentine's Day Gift

Fun and romantic coupons for you both to enjoy. Shop Here!

Best Valentine's Day Gift

Black leather slippers with fluffy sheepskin lining for your man. Shop Here!

Best Valentine's Day Gift

Calvin Klein Jeans beanie. Shop Here!

Best Valentine's Day Gift

Apple gift card for a years worth of music. Shop Here!

Best Valentine's Day Gift

Shaving set with free shipping. Shop now!

Best Valentine's Day Gift

Pit Master Crate for your guy who loves to grill. Shop Here!

Best Gifts for Your Wife in 2016

List of Best Christmas Gifts for Her

Best Christmas Gifts for your Wife was the list I was going to create for this article, but I kept stumbling upon so many great articles! So I decided instead to share those articles.  Whether you are looking for romantic, practical or stocking stuffers you will be able to find it below. 


The Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife (Her) in 2016 

BROSTRICK Best Christmas Gifts for your Wife

25 Foolproof Gifts for the Woman in Your Life

Esquire Best Christmas Gifts for your Wife

25 Christmas Gifts For Her

Ask Men 

Best Christmas Gifts for your Wife

17 Christmas Gifts For Your Wife That Will Earn Serious Brownie Points

Best Products

Best Christmas Gifts for your Wife

Top 101 Best Gifts for Women: The Heavy Power List


Best Christmas Gifts for your Wife

30 Stylish Christmas Gifts for All of the Women in Your Life

House BeautifulBest Christmas Gifts for your Wife


Her Wedding Dress & Your Suit Sketched For A Perfect Christmas Gift 
Order Today And Get A Free Bouquet Sketch!

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Men’s Wedding Gift Ideas

When it comes to purchasing a wedding gift for a wedding the woman usually seems to be at the forefront of thinking (and there certainly isn’t anything wrong with that!). However, you can purchase a gift for the man and the woman that may be more favorable towards the both of them – or you can choose to get two separate gifts. When it comes to getting a gift for a man, many of us can come up short – but the following items should help in choosing a males wedding gift. Some of these gifts are even perfect from the bride to the groom. 

Tickets to Watch His Favorite Team Play

This can be either just a gift for the man to go on his own, or you can get two tickets so that him and his new wife can go to enjoy the game together. Also, it certainly isn’t one of them gifts that will sit in a cupboard somewhere or become part of a long gift-cycle. A lot of men have an interest in sports, and if you know that on this occasion this groom does – then this is certainly a great choice for a gift. It ticks all the boxes with being personal, meaningful and most importantly: usable!

Traditional Choices

If you want a gift which is more traditional and you know the groom will love it then there certainly isn’t a shortage of items available. One of the most traditional choices over the years has been to get the man a fine watch – to keep it traditional you would want to go for one that has a leather strap. Sticking with the leather theme, another traditional choice can be to get him a nice wallet or card holder – which is a gift that is practical and thoughtful.

Clothes for Him & Her

This certainly isn’t referring to getting the bride & groom a completely matching outfit head to toe! But getting two separate gifts for a man and woman that are matching can be very cute. A good idea can be to think about the couples’ interests. So if they both enjoy swimming why not get the male a pair of trunks and a swimsuit that are matching colors? Another alternative are clothes from places such as BOY London or Criminal Damage which offer ‘His and Hers’ tracksuit bottoms which can be perfect for them to relax in at home.

A Personalized Drawing

Most men aren’t usually huge fans of receiving photo’s as a gift, but a great alternative of this can be to get a photo he has with his partner and hire a sketch artist to transfer into a drawing. This is a very personal gift that will certainly be used by the groom and will probably have a place in the home of the couple.