Dreamlines Wedding Dress Sketch

Wedding_Dress_Sketch_462Dreamlines Wedding Dress Sketch is a creation from Penelope Altmann, who resides in the South of France.  The art that is created is a direct reflection of the romantic European surroundings in France.  A Dreamlines Wedding Dress Sketch is a perfect anniversary gift, especially the one year anniversary, as paper is the traditional one year gift to give.  A Dreamlines Wedding Dress Sketch also makes a perfect wedding gift.  Gift certificates are available for wedding gifts.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift List

Traditional wedding anniversary gifts are a wonderful way for a husband and wife to put a little creativity into their gift giving process.

Anniv. Gift
1st Paper
2nd Cotton
3rd Leather
4th Fruit, flowers
5th Wood
6th Sugar
7th Copper, wool
8th Bronze, pottery
9th Pottery, willow
10th Tin
11th Steel
12th Silk, linen
13th Lace
14th Ivory
15th Crystal
20th China
25th Silver
30th Pearl
35th Coral
40th Ruby
45th Sapphire
50th Gold
55th Emerald
60th Diamond

Seasonal Flowers For Your Wedding

Selecting flowers that are in season is more cost effective.

Spring Flowers
calla lily
lily of the valley
sweet pea

Summer Flowers

Autumn Flowers
passion flower

Winter Flowers

How To Choose Flowers For Your Wedding Day

Flowers are an essential part of your wedding day.  The flowers will be remembered forever in wedding photos.  There are many elements when selecting flowers such as the season, the arrangements at the church and the reception location, the brides bouquet, the wedding party’s bouquet, and even the boutineer.

1.  Seasonal flowers are less expensive.
2.  Determine your flower budget.
3.  What role do you want the flowers to have?
4.  Choose a flower based on the season and theme of your wedding.
5.  Start with the bridal bouquet and work from there.
6. Ask friends for a referral.
7.  Speak to other wedding vendors to receive referrals; bridal shops, wedding planners, etc.
8.  Meet with at least three different florists.
9.  Know the numbers:  wedding party, parents, tables, and locations of your wedding.
10.  Make sure the florist and you work well together; does the florist understand your style and view. 

Wedding Dress Sketch For Your Next Gift

Whether you are a guy who has successfully made it through the first year of marital bliss (wink wink), a mother, who daughter is about to tie the knot, or a maid of honor standing up next to your best friend, you all have something in common. You are all looking for that perfect gift, to show her how you feel. You are probably searching all over, hoping to find that one unique item that says “you are special”.  Read more here.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

So much effort goes into selecting the most important dress you will ever wear. You want that first experience shopping to be magical and stress-free.
1. Price Range 
Set a price range for your gown and do your research on where you plan to go shopping.
2. Don’t Budge
Stick with your price range.
3. Alteration Services
Select a bridal shop who offers full alteration services.
4. Appointment
Schedule an appointment so you can receive one-on-one time with a sales associate.
5. Give It Time
Allow up to two hours when you schedule your appointment.
6. Your Team
Take Someone with you who is a good advocate for you and not too critical. Your style is your style and what you like…others may not.
7. Free Spirit
Be open minded and follow your gut and heart.
8. Slow Down
Take your time when buying and don’t rush into it.
9. Get Down
Take into consideration the style of dress if you will be dancing.
10. All The Pieces
On your final fitting take your shoes, veil, and all other accessories.

one year anniversary gift

Enter to Win the Innsbrook Dream Wedding Giveaway

Enter to Win the Innsbrook Dream Wedding Giveaway

unnamed (5)

Arrive at your wedding by horse-drawn carriage. Exchange vows lakeside. Say “I do” in a countryside chapel. And leave your bank account intact.

Innsbrook is going to make one lucky couple’s dream come true with a gorgeous, storybook wedding at Innsbrook on October 12, 2014. It’ll be a destination wedding your family can actually afford to attend – just 45 minutes outside St. Louis.

Dreamlines is excited to be on board with Innsbrook for this special contest – we’ll be giving the couple a wedding dress sketch valued at $120.

The total wedding package is valued at $30,000 and is sure to make the winning couple’s special day a real-life fairytale.

Find out all the details at www.innsbrookwedding.com and enter to win there from February 14 through March 31, 2014. Ten finalists will be selected and then the public will go on to vote on the winner. Start a social media campaign with your friends and family and get them to vote for you.

There will also be voting on different aspects of the ceremony and reception throughout the summer.

We’ll keep you posted when it’s time to vote. Can’t wait for 10/12/14!

Wedding Reception Piece Signed By Your Guests

A Dreamlines Wedding Dress Sketch can be framed and placed at the wedding reception for your guests to sign.  You can also include the tuxedo and even the bouquet.  This sketch was placed in a double pane glass frame.  You can find wide mat signature boards at the craft store that can be signed, which you can frame.  Don’t forget to use your wedding planner or maid of honor’s mailing address, as the ‘shipping to option’. It makes for a lovely surprise for both of you on your wedding day!

View our portfolio here for all the sketch ideas.

Frame and Sketch

Best One Year Anniversary Gift

Your wedding anniversary is really one of the most important events in your life. You would probably like to make this day a truly memorable one in the true sense of the term. You bet that you can do that with minimum efforts spent on your part. Here is an amazing gift idea which is going to make your anniversary truly special.

A few wedding photos of the wedding gown can be created into the perfect one year anniversary gift. The photos will be used in creating a beautiful wedding anniversary gift. Framing the sketch and placing the sketch in your home will make for such a lovely piece to showcase. 

The wedding dress sketch can also be accompanied by the tuxedo. They can be sketched on the same piece of paper or on a separate piece. Adding this element really includes both pieces from that wedding day. The wedding gown sketch is a pristine one year anniversary gift. If you have to impress your wife on the day of your wedding anniversary then there cannot be a better gift to give. 

Including the bouquet is such a lovely element to the sketch, as this makes this the ultimate one year anniversary gift. If you have to impress your wife on the day of your wedding anniversary then there cannot be a better gift to give. 

Exciting Paper Anniversary Gift For Your One Year Anniversary

Is your wedding anniversary round the corner? If it is then you must be working hard preparing a plan on how to celebrate the auspicious day of your life in a befitting manner. Well, there is absolutely no need to push yourself too hard in an effort of coming up with some worthwhile ideas. You can accomplish your objective even if you choose to go simple on that day. Why don’t you take a close peep into some exciting paper anniversary gift ideas from Dreamlines? You bet that they are going to do just fine in terms of amplifying the importance of the day.

A poem makes for a lovely choice for the paper anniversary gift. Allow us to create a special poem. Your spouse is definitely going to like it and it is surely going to remind her that there is still music left in the relation that you both share.

There is another exciting thing that you can do. You can put the date of your anniversary on the wedding dress sketch of your paper anniversary gift.

A wedding gown sketch makes for the perfect paper anniversary giftespecially for the one year anniversary gift. If you happen to be some sort of a person who has got some creative streak in him then you can definitely make it a point to do something innovative such as presenting her with a piece of beautiful art. You bet it is going to be an exciting gift and you do not have to spend much on this gift item. In this regard you can also make it a point to keep the wedding dress sketch as the focus representing paper as the one year anniversary gift. It can easily be assumed that your spouse is going to have a great deal of admiration for this artistic piece. Moreover she is going to unfurl the love and passion that is there behind such gifts.