Slightly Less Expensive Alternatives to a Honeymoon

For most newlyweds their honeymoon is almost as anticipated as the big day. But couples on a budget may be struggling for ideas. There’s no need to worry, there are plenty of alternatives to a honeymoon that won’t break the bank. This means you can spend more on the main event, while still having something to look forward to once it’s all over.

Attend an Event in Style

If there’s something you love to do as a couple, like watching sport or listening to music, why not attend a concert or a match with luxury tickets? Events like the Open Golf Championships are good fun and have a relaxed atmosphere. If you want to make your day really special the Open Golf Championship hospitality provides a luxury three course meal and first class travel. You’ll be well looked after with drinks and refreshments throughout the day. If you choose to go to a concert or sports match you could book a luxury box to make sure you have the best view.


You don’t have to go abroad to have an amazing honeymoon. Why not book a local weekend away or visit somewhere new in your city. Last minute deals can usually be found online a few days before. Taking the time to explore somewhere as a couple is just as enjoyable at home as it is abroad. If you love the outdoors you could even go for a camping trip, low cost but just as fun! If your budget is really tight, try making your home a holiday destination. Decorate with romantic candles and cook your favourite meal together. Good food and good company is all you need.

A Day Out

Have an amazing day out together as a couple. You can really go all out as the cost of one day won’t come anywhere near the price of a week away. This can be really personal as it will reflect what you both love to do. Try these suggestions if you’re stuck- a hot air balloon ride, going to a theme park or visiting a new city and going for a fancy meal.

Learn Something New

Sign up for a class and learn a new skill together. Whether it’s cooking, yoga or perhaps something artistic, doing something different is a fun way to start your new life as a couple. It doesn’t have to be a one off occasion, why not book several classes throughout the year so you have something to look forward to?

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Tick Something off Your Bucket List

If you haven’t already, make a joint bucket list and then pick something to do from it. Completing a lifetime goal can be expensive, especially if you want to go for something extreme like a sky dive. But if you choose the right goal, you can still keep the costs much lower than a week away for a honeymoon would cost. Plus, who can put a price on making a memory that will last you a lifetime?

How to Organise a Beach Wedding

If you’re dreaming of a beach wedding but think the task of planning is too much to take on, you’re wrong! Whether you stay local or want to jet off somewhere sunnier, here’s how to organise your dream wedding by the sea.

Keep it Casual

One of the perks of having a beach wedding is that you can keep the dress code relaxed. It’s likely if you want a beach wedding that you’re looking at a hot country for your big day. Having your guests and your groom dressed in suits won’t make you the most popular host as temperatures soar. Simple summer dresses and designer swim shorts with a shirt can still look classy. For the bride and groom, choose something that sets you apart from the crowd but that is still comfortable, heels and sand don’t mix! Keeping it casual also applies to the rest of the event. You don’t need to go all out with decorations, let the location set the scene. This approach will reduce stress while still making it an enjoyable and memorable day.

Pick Your Venue Wisely

Choosing a venue like a hotel or holiday resort that can function as a wedding location, provide accommodation and entertainment for your guests is ideal. Some hotels even have private beaches attached, which is perfect if you want to keep your wedding low key. Get in touch with several potential venues and make a shortlist. It’s best to be open and upfront about what you‘re looking for when you’re approaching potential venues. One thing to consider with a beach wedding is that you may have to get permission if you’re planning to use a public beach. Again, this is where a resort could be the hassle free option. Once you’ve settled on your perfect location be sure to book it as far ahead as you can, to avoid any last minute changes of plan!

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Invite Your Guests Early

It’s better to let your guests know you’re going to have a beach wedding, particularly if it’s abroad, sooner rather than later. Be mindful that not everyone will be able to commit to coming. This is why smaller, intimate weddings are generally suited to beach venues. Giving guests a checklist of things to bring is a nice touch to help them get ready for the trip.

Be Prepared

Getting married on the beach poses a number of unique issues to prepare for. Arriving a few days early will give you plenty of time to get everything ready. First, beaches are generally windy so if you don’t want to lose your decorations make sure everything is tied down. If you’re intending to stay on the beach until the evening, remember it might turn cooler. Having blankets to hand for your guests will keep everyone happy. The downside to being outside is that you have to put your trust in the weather. If it takes a turn for the worst have you got a back-up plan?

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50 Date Ideas For Your Wedding Anniversary

Are you looking forward to celebrate your anniversary? Do you have an idea of where to go or what to do? Well, there is no doubt that this can be quite an uphill task but one that can also be a walk in the park – when armed with the right ideas. All you need to have is just a perfect idea. Here are some great and amazing anniversary ideas that will last in your minds for years! 

A Great Wedding Anniversary Gift For Her

Click here to see what husbands are giving their wives for their anniversary. 

50 Date Ideas

  1. Ziplining
  2. Winery trip
  3. Camping 
  4. Beach getaway 
  5. Game night out
  6. Road trip
  7. Skydiving 
  8. Renew your wedding vows
  9. Go for a boat ride
  10. Make dinner together
  11. Watch a movie
  12. Take a long walk together
  13. Visit your hometown
  14. Go watch a play
  15. Go to the botanical gardens
  16. Go ice skating
  17. Go on a plane ride
  18. Go kayaking
  19. Volunteer together
  20. Learn a new activity together
  21. Be tourists for the day
  22. Bowling
  23. Visit the aquarium
  24. Go horseback ridingOne Year Anniversary Gift
  25. Hit up the farmers’ market
  26. Go to a jazz club
  27. Make personalized scavenger hunts for each other
  28. Get massages
  29. Go dancing
  30. Go shopping
  31. Watch a comedy show
  32. Spend the night by the fireplace
  33. Head to the drive-In
  34. Venture Into the Kitchen
  35. Serenade each other
  36. Fulfill your bucket list
  37. Meet for drinks at a local landmark
  38. Take a scenic hike where you first met
  39. Take a day trip together to your favorite spot
  40. Rent a cabin for a weekend away, in the woods or next to a lake or ocean
  41. Take a scenic train trip
  42. Get dressed up to the nines and visit the opera
  43. Go fishing
  44. Have your own personal photo shoot
  45. Watch your wedding video
  46. Mystery trip
  47. Urban exploration
  48. Lunch surprise
  49. Hotel weekend splurge
  50. Technology tune-out

How To Be The Best Groom

Just a few ideas to help you for the big day…

1. Don’t Forget The Perfect Wedding Day Gift For Her

Her wedding dress sketched and framed…the most important dress she will ever wear. The dress she has been dreaming of since she was a little girl. Learn more about the most perfect gift from you to her…. Click here 






 2. Write Your Own Speech

A wedding speech to knock her socks off and leave everyone in tears and laughter is the goal here. The WeddingSpeechBuilder is the coolest site to help you write the best speech ever! You receive a vault of smart, sentimental and witty groom speech samples, groom speech examples and groom speech templates…. Click here 

3. A Wedding Photo With Just The Boys

Why not surprise her with a few fun photos that you and your boys have created. Click here to see more photo ideas. 



4. Get Involved

Get involved and help her along the way. Maybe hire a wedding planner or wedding coordinator to help you both in the process so she doesn’t get stressed to the max. Choosing a destination wedding location means less planning is needed and can both enjoy your engagement. A happy bride is a happy engagement.

There are going to be a lot of people involved; Mother, Mother-In-Law, Maid of Honor, etc. If these key people are barraging your bride or if your bride is getting irritated it is time for you to step in and protect her. You are both planning the most magical day and you want her to enjoy every element.

relationship casual happy confident beauty Free Photo

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5. Get Dressed To The Nines

She is wearing a new wedding dress. You can even purchase a new suit, which you can wear again. Along with an new shirt, tie and shoes. Get a good shave and new haircut. Break in your wedding shoes before your wear them.

groom duties checklist


6. Keep Your Groomsmen In The Loop

These are your boys so keep them in the loop and in check. It is your duty to remove all of this off of your bride’s plate. You are in charge of them, so let her know you have this taken care of. 

groom duties checklist


7. Don’t Start Your Wedding Day Tired & Hungover

Don’t drink too much the night before. You want to fully enjoy your big day.

groom duties checklist


8. Groom Wedding Day Planning Checklist

Where are the rings??? Don’t panic!!! Your checklist will keep you focused on your groom duties. Your lovely bride can help you with this wedding checklist as well.groom duties checklist

9. Sneak Away

Pull her aside during the reception to reconnect. You will both want to savor the moment of being husband and wife without the chaos of everyone around you both. Just five minutes will connect you both so you can tackle the rest of your evening.

Groom Duties

Bridal Party Gift

Giving your bridesmaids a little something extra special and personal is such a lovely idea for your bridal party gift to your girls. I stumbled upon this groovy little shop – The Hippie Bohemian. Kris has done such an amazing job creating hand-made earrings with a hippie and bohemian feel.

All of their jewelry is 100% workmanship guaranteed –  handmade and unique therefore sequent items will slightly vary. The best part…since Mother Nature only makes things “one of a kind”, each item will be beautifully special and unique.

bridal shower gift

bridal shower gift

bridal shower gift

bridal party gift

Don’t Forget About A Wedding Gift To Each Other.
Your Wedding Dress & Maybe Even His Suit Sketched Too!

Show it off at the reception and have your guests sign the mat border around the sketch. 
gift exchange

Beauty tips to get you ready for your wedding

Your wedding day is often referred to as a ‘once in a life time event’ or ‘the best day of your life’ so it seems only natural that you will want to not only look but feel your absolute best for the occasion, so taking on a few beauty tips will help. In order to ensure that your beauty regime is not left to the last minute and that you have plenty of time to prepare for the main event, we have summarized some of the most important and approved tools and tips that will ensure you are looking incredible both before, during and after your wedding day.

Beauty Tips

Whiten your teeth

It’s no secret that you will spend much of your wedding day being photographed by one person or another, which will involve a lot of smiling. One way that you can ensure that your smile is perfect for the day is to consider teeth whitening. Many types of toothpaste in your local pharmacy or supermarket will have whitening ingredients in them, however for faster results you may want to consider teeth whitening strips or paying a visit to a London dentist for a professional teeth whitening tips

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Have frequent manicures

Soon after you get engaged, people will want to see your wedding ring which is why it will be important to schedule regular manicures to ensure that your hands are always looking their best. By getting used to seeing your manicurist frequently to experimenting with colours and nail styles you will also be in a much better position to find the perfect nail design for your big day, because a few beauty tips such as this is key. beauty tips

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Eat better

One of the best ways that you can look after yourself prior to getting married is by eating healthier to ensure that your body is fueled and maintained in the best way possible. Try to stay away from consuming lots of sugar, sodium and processed foods as this will ensure you do not gain belly fat or suffer from bloating. By focusing on eating lots of fruits and vegetable and drinking as much water as possible you will not only clear up your skin but also fuel your body and have more energy tips

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Keep working out

While it may seem like a chore, one of the best ways that you can maintain your overall health and well being is by participating in regular exercise. Try to do something that makes you feel great and that you enjoy doing to get the most out of the experience. Exercise will also help to tone your body- perfect for when you are looking to get fitted for your wedding dress and tone tips

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Face prep

As a bride to be you should most certainly look towards looking after your face and skin more prior to your big day. This can be achieved through regular exfoliation and treatments to ensure your skin glows on your wedding day. At least three months before your wedding day try to schedule in regular facials- these will ensure that your skin is as healthy and smooth as possible before your big day tips

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Don’t Forget About A Wedding Gift To Each Other.
Your Wedding Dress & Maybe Even His Suit Sketched Too!

Show it off at the reception and have your guests sign the mat border around the sketch. 
gift exchange

Best Anniversary Gift For Her

The best one year anniversary gift – that perfect gift for that perfect person doesn’t have to be a challenge. Paper anniversary gift ideas to help you give the perfect gift.

Why is it important to give the best anniversary gift?

The first year of marriage is the year of becoming a family – becoming one. This year you are learning about each other, growing and finding each other as one. The one year is the time to celebrate all the ups and downs during that time. It is a time to celebrate your love and commitment to each other. Marriage is worth celebrating and your anniversary is the day to make a memorable occasion. Each anniversary is a time to come together and become a stronger couple; use that moment to discuss, share and know that you are meeting each other’s love language.

What is the best anniversary gift for her?

Personalized Sketch of her Wedding Dress

Hand-drawn sketch, of the bride’s gown and groom’s suit, on high quality drawing paper by Dreamlines Wedding Dress Sketch.

Sexy Kinky Coupons 

best one year anniversary giftThese kinky sex coupons make a funny, sexy gift. Add a little sex and romance to any relationship with these popular love coupons created on paper by FlyrapOnE.


Custom Bookbest one year anniversary gift

Custom book can be created with your wedding date or anniversary date. Each piece of paper in the book is folded by hand and made to order by TheBookArtisan.

Journal – Our Bucket Listbest one year anniversary gift

First anniversary gift journal ‘Our Bucket List’ with blank papers created by TransientBooks.

Why is the traditional one year anniversary gift paper?

Each anniversary year has a gift purpose. For example for the one year anniversary you can gift paper, a carnation or mother of pearl. The ideas below really help you give a gift that has thought and purpose. The order by year of gifts made its appearance in the Victorian era during the 1800’s. The history of traditional anniversary gifts has taken gift giving to a whole new level.

Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas

1 Year – Paper
2 Year – Cotton
3 Year – Leather
4 Year – Linen or silk
5 Year – Wood
6 Year – Iron
7 Year – Wool or copper
8 Year – Bronze
9 Year – Pottery
10 Year – Tin or aluminum
11 Year – Steel
12 Year – Silk
13 Year – Lace
14 Year – Ivory
15 Year – Crystal
20 Year – China
25 Year – Silver
30 Year – Pearl
40 Year – Rubies
45 Year – Sapphires
50 Year – Gold

Flower Anniversary Gift Ideas

1 Year – Carnation
2 Year – Lily of the Valley
3 Year – Sunflower
4 Year – Hydrangea
5 Year – Daisy
6 Year – Calla
7 Year – Freesia
8 Year – Lilac
9 Year – Bird of Paradise
10 Year – Daffodil
11 Year – Tulip
12 Year – Peony
13 Year – Chrysanthemum
14 Year – Dahlia
15 Year – Rose
16 Year – Aster
25 Year – Iris
28 Year – Orchid
30 Year – Lily
40 Year – Gladiolus
50 Year – Yellow rose or violet

Gemstone Anniversary Gift Ideas

1 Year – Mother of Pearl
2 Year – Garnet
3 Year – Moonstone
4 Year – Blue Topaz
5 Year – Rose Quartz
6 Year – Amethyst
7 Year – Onyx
8 Year – Tourmaline
9 Year – Lapis Lazuli
10 Year – Crystal or Green Tourmaline
11 Year – Turquoise
12 Year – Jade
13 Year – Citrine
14 Year – Opal
15 Year – Rhodolite
20 Year – Emerald
25 Year – Tsavorite
30 Year – Pearl
40 Year – Ruby
50 Year – Gold

Why Are So Many Brides Saying ‘I Do’ to Plastic Surgery?

A wedding is a major event in anybody’s life and every bride wants to look and feel fantastic on her big day. This is especially important when documenting every moment on social media is an essential part of the day for most people now. Some women are going beyond the routine hair and makeup appointments and are instead booking in with a plastic surgeon before their wedding. Check out Longevita surgery procedures for the life changing plastic surgery options available, whether you’re a bride-to-be or not.

A Quick Fix

Plastic surgery offers an instant result in very little time. For women who have had lifelong appearance worries, their big day approaching may motivate them to finally make the decision to have plastic surgery. The recovery period is generally short which means women can see and feel the difference immediately. Not all procedures involve invasive surgery; hair transplants and cosmetic dentistry are popular options for brides-to-be who are looking to make a change to their appearance.

plastic surgery

Improved Confidence

Being able to feel good and enjoy yourself on your wedding day is arguably the most important part. After all, some weddings take months or even years to plan and prepare for. All of that hard work has to pay off somehow. Most women consider their appearance as a major factor in how they feel about themselves. For many brides getting plastic surgery is a choice made to fix years of low self-esteem, a simple correction procedure can completely change your appearance and your mental wellbeing. Women who feel confident and happy in themselves and their appearance tend to make more positive life choices, as well as becoming more successful and sociable.

Starting a New Life

Getting married usually signifies the start of a new chapter in your life. For many brides this is the perfect time to make a change which will benefit them and make them feel positive for years to come, just as committing to their loved one does! Some couples also chose to have surgery together before the big day. The health benefits that some plastic surgery procedures, such as liposuction, result in also are a major factor in women’s choices before they are married. Reducing body fat can motivate people to maintain a healthy lifestyle after surgery, which starts them on the journey to a healthy and happy life long after they are married.

plastic surgery

Looking Picture Perfect

Most people hire a wedding photographer to take albums upon albums of shots to capture the memorable moments from their big day. More recently it’s not only the professionals taking photographs, the increasing popularity of sharing photos on social media sites like Instagram means that guests and the couple themselves will document the day. For many brides being able to look back on their wedding photos and be happy with how they look is important. Some women consider plastic surgery the most effective way to ensure they are looking great from every angle at their wedding.

Gift ideas for your bride and groom gift exchange

Something that has been a long standing tradition is the wedding gift exchange that takes place between the bride and the groom. While not everyone heeds this time-honoured ritual, there are many couples who do and this can create a worry about what the best gift to give your partner could possibly be. Some couples say that their gift from their partner can be a magical experience and works to further remind them of their love for one another, while others say that it makes the whole wedding occasion that much more special. Regardless of your beliefs or budget, we have come up with some romantic and unique gift giving ideas that you could use to inspire you when it comes down to presenting your bride or groom with the perfect pre-wedding gift.

Wedding Gift Exchange Ideas

Something sparkly

You can never go wrong with something sparkly when it comes to a wedding occasion. Why not consider a pair of cufflinks with a photo memory on them if you are shopping for your husband to be or an engraved bracelet if you are shopping for your bride to be?

Love note

If you can get some help when it comes to stealing the shoes of your partner to be, then it could be a great idea to write a quote, some song lyrics or a short poem on the bottom of them in a sharpie pen.

wedding gift exchangeDesigned by Freepik

Small touches

Sometimes the smallest of gestures make the biggest impact, which is why you really don’t have to break the bank when it comes to making your partner feel special. By organising the delivery of their favourite caffeinated beverage to sending sweets or a cute postcard, you can really make your other half’s day that extra special, as a lovely wedding day gift exchange idea. 

wedding gift exchangeDesigned by Freepik

A helping hand

If you have noticed that your other half is stressed out with wedding planning and are looking for a more practical gift to give them, then perhaps it would be ideal to offer them some assistance in the form of organisation. From sorting out the catering to hiring a wedding DJ in Kent, the gesture of helping your partner to make your big day as easy to come to fruition as possible gift exchange

A scent

If you are feeling brave then picking out a fresh bottle of perfume or cologne could be the ideal gift for you to give to your partner! The great thing about smells is that they can take you back to another place and time which is why picking out the perfume or aftershave for your partner will allow you to always have the memory of your wedding day linked back to that particular smell.

wedding gift exchange

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Whether it’s for a West End show, to see their favourite band or artist or some surprise plane tickets that make up part of your honeymoon, tickets are a great way to gift an experience to your partner. The fantastic thing about this gift is that you do something together too!


If you are feeling creative then why not compile a scrapbook of images, notes and small items that bring back memories? Tell your love story in the most personalised way personal through creating a scrapbook that you two can look back on for years to come for a wedding gift exchange she will love!wedding gift exchange

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Another great idea…..

Get A Personal Sketch Of Your Bride’s Wedding Dress
Perfect Wedding Day Gift From You


How To Look Good During Wedding Season

For some people, wedding season is the best time of year – love is in the air, the sun is shining and their anticipating the perfect outdoor summer wedding. For other people, however, this is the time of year that calls for a lot of pressure. Primping, preening, pruning and everything else is on the agenda if you want to look good during wedding season. If you’ve got a few weddings to attend and you’re dreading the photos and videos and everything else, here are some tips on how to keep cool and look good.

Cut out the bad stuff & Put in the good stuff

While it might be easier to visit a clinic for fat transfer in London, that’s not the lasting way to slim down for summer. All you have to do is cut out the bad and put in more of the good. That means less sugar, caffeine and fat and more fruits, veggies and water. You won’t have to stave off cake forever, but if you’re looking to fit into your outfit a little better or work up the energy to dance all night long, a few diet changes might be in order. Designed by Freepik

Get lots of sleep

While it might be difficult to get to bed on time when you’ve get wedding rehearsals and receptions going on all the time, make sure you get to bed early when you can. Getting enough sleep helps you fight those cravings for fatty and sugary foods that you might be feeling and helps your body heal, keeping your body and mind refreshed and healthy. Plus, dark circles are not an accessory you want to be wearing in your next set of wedding photos.Designed by Freepik

Get one really great pair of shoes

If you’re going to more than one wedding you’re probably expecting to have to buy yourself more than one pair of wedding day heels. You can spend ages picking them out and pay out the nose to get them, but in the end they end up in your purse they hurt just too damn much to put on. Don’t let this happen to you. Rather than waste your money buying several different pairs of painful shoes, buy for yourself one amazing pair of comfortable shoes that go with everything. A simple pair of comfy black heels can go a long way, and you can certainly save yourself from stumbling home in your bare feet if you take the time to buy one really great pair of wedding shoes. Designed by Freepik

Choose the right outfit

Summer weddings can be pretty uncomfortable and the worst thing to happen at a wedding is to turn up to the photo shoot covered in sweat patches. Don’t let this happen to you! Wear light fabrics that give you room to breathe and avoid dark colours. Keep it light in all senses of the word and there’s nothing wrong with sneaking some deodorant and tissues to the wedding. You can also keep your outfit really simple and reuse it for all of the other weddings you have to attend. Buy one timeless outfit that isn’t likely to be worn by another guest and mix it up with some accessories. Designed by Freepik

A Perfect Bridal Shower Gift From The Wedding Party,
Maid of Honor & Mother of the Bride and Groom.
Her Wedding Dress Sketched & Framed.

bridal shower gift