7 tips for choosing a bridesmaid dress that everyone will love

Choosing a bridesmaid dress for your nearest and dearest friends is no easy feat. With different body shapes and different senses of style, it can be downright impossible to please everyone.  So I decided to gather my best tips to ease the angst of this process and hopefully keep you and all members of the bridal party happy. Click here to see all 7 tips. 

bridesmaid dress

bridesmaid dress

bridesmaid dress


bridesmaid dress

bridesmaid dress

bridesmaid dress

A sketch of the dress and suit

Wedding day gift exchange and wedding guestbook idea. 


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How to save 50% on your wedding costs with one simple hack

So everyone knows that weddings are expensive. But you might be shocked at how expensive until you start planning a wedding of your own. That’s why I am always excited to share this simple hack with anyone planning a wedding. It can literally cut your wedding costs in half! Truly loving this blogger…check out the full article by clicking here

 wedding savings


wedding savings


wedding savings

wedding savings

wedding savings


A sketch of the dress and suit

Wedding day gift exchange and wedding guestbook idea. 


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Where To Get Married In Europe

Europe might be your first thought when you are thinking of a destination wedding but it has a lot to offer. From historic towns and cities to beautiful beaches, you can find a wide array of wedding venues in stunning locations across Europe. One of the major benefits of getting married in Europe is its far more affordable than other popular destinations, such as the Caribbean. This means that you can have a much larger wedding, without having to worry about the expense to your family and friends. Of course, before you travel anywhere you’ll need to make sure that you have got your UK EHIC card. Here are some of our top destinations for weddings in Europe.

Venice, Italy

The floating city is one of the most romantic cities in the world. The winding canals and sprawling towers provide a stunning backdrop for your wedding. There is a number of breath taking Renaissance buildings throughout the city which will open their doors for weddings. The Palazzo Cavalli has fantastic views across the Grand Canal and is a perfect venue for your big day. Afterwards, why not take a romantic gondola ride for two to your perfect wedding reception?

Two people standing near Coliseum in Rome Free PhotoDesigned by Freepik

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is quickly becoming one of the most popular cities on the coast of Greece. It’s not hard to see why when you see the stunning white-wash buildings set into the cliff face. It’s said that some of the best sunsets in the world can be seen from Santorini, what could be a more perfect backdrop for your wedding? You can choose from a luxurious affair or a laid-back beach wedding and it won’t cost you the earth. Greece has become a highly affordable destination for holidays and weddings alike over the past few years.

balcony south greek hotel building Free PhotoDesigned by Freepik

Paris, France

Of course Paris, the city of love, is up there with one of the best destinations in Europe to get married. Couples looking for a sophisticated and classy wedding venue will be spoilt for choice in the beautiful city. One of the most impressive places to get married in Paris is Le Meurice, a hotel directly opposite the incredible Jardin des Tuileries. There is so much to do and see that you won’t need to go anywhere else for your honeymoon if you get married in Paris.

Eiffel tower view Free PhotoDesigned by Freepik

Prague, Czech Republic

One of the most overlooked cities in Europe, Prague is an incredible place to get married. The Gothic architecture makes the city appear to be something straight out of an old-fashioned romantic movie. If you’re going to go all out for your wedding, consider booking out one of the incredible castles for a wedding that will make you feel like a princess! For something more understated, there are a number of beautiful venues with sweeping ballrooms to consider. The Charles Bridge is the perfect place to take your pre-wedding photographs, with the beautiful red roofing and river in the background.

Prague city skyline and Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic Free Photo Designed by Freepik

Wherever you choose to go, a destination wedding is certainly one way to make your big day memorable.

The Best Destination Wedding Locations in America

Getting married is the most exciting time of your life but deciding where to hold your wedding can be difficult. Most of us have places which hold personal significance but some seek somewhere which will help them to create new memories. Destination weddings are the perfect chance to do this, creating lasting memories and giving you the chance to explore somewhere new. Here are some of the best locations to get married in America. Remember, before you travel anywhere you’ll need to complete your ESTA Visa application at esta-visa.org.uk.

Destination Weddings


For a stunning beach wedding, Florida is the place to be. You’ll be blessed with incredible weather and endless stretches of sand. Florida is up there with the Caribbean and Mexico for perfect beach wedding destinations but it is a much cheaper alternative for you and your guests. Plus, Florida has so much more to offer- there are famous theme parks, sprawling golf courses and luxurious shopping centres. So you won’t need to travel anywhere else for your honeymoon! Some of the top destinations in Florida for weddings include Miami and the Keys.

caribbean coconut holiday landscape sea Free PhotoDesigned by Freepik

Napa Valley, California

California might be known for its wild nightlife and celebrity spotting opportunities but the valleys have unreal scenery. Imagine getting married against a backdrop of rolling hills and sprawling vineyards. Not only will your wedding photographs look incredible, you and your guests will be able to enjoy some of the best food and wine in America. The local towns are charming, perfect for slow afternoons exploring the boutique shops.

Vineyard in france Free PhotoDesigned by Freepik

New York

A couple that is looking to go all out should consider New York as their wedding destination. The city is famous for being larger than life and has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious venue in one of the cities world-famous hotels and ballrooms, or a romantic outdoors affair in Central Park you’ll find what you need in New York. Plus, there is plenty to do and see once the big day has come to an end, good food, famous landmarks and unbeatable shopping.

freedom york crown lady nobody Free PhotoDesigned by Freepik


If you’re looking for a gorgeous outdoors wedding, consider Arkansas. Known as the Natural State there are a huge range of venues surrounded by stunning scenery, including beside the shores of Lake Ouachita or in the middle of an ancient forest at Garvan Woodland Gardens. If you’re feeling adventurous there are venues at the top of Mount Magazine! For a traditional, rustic wedding Arkansas is perfect. If you’d prefer to be in the city, there are also some modern venues to be explored in Fayetteville and Little Rock.

forest shore nature wooden wave Free PhotoDesigned by Freepik

Whatever your preferences for your wedding are, you’ll find something to suit your needs in America. There are also no shortage of wedding planners, florists and caters across the US to help make sure your big day is as perfect as you have imagined it. Remember, it’s always a good idea to visit in person before if you have the chance.

5 Ways for Glitter Loving Girls to Add Some Sparkle to Their Wedding Day

Glitter Wedding Ideas

Every girl plans their wedding since the moment they understand the concept of relationships and marriage. Obviously that can be a different age for different people, but needless to say by the time they are proposed to they have a really good idea of what they want. But as you get older there are a few tweaks here and there, to make the plan more sophisticated. 

Sometimes however, the five-year-old you should be heard, and in fitting with this year’s major trend, that should be by using glitter at your wedding. Here are five ways to tastefully add sparkle to a glamorous occasion.Wedding glitter


Glitter decorations

Preparing decorations with your bridesmaids can be a fun way to prevent anxieties about the event and do something fun. Whether it is table decorations for the reception or for the bridal bouquet, there are many ways to add an individual and creative touch. 

The bouquet is one of the most important traditions to a wedding, after the dress of course, and adding sparkle to beautiful flowers can brighten, and enrich them. They can either be loose of stuck with invisible spray on glue. 

Your guests will spend a long time at the reception, and before the music starts or the dancefloor fills up it is worth adding extras to get them into the party spirit. This can just be small gifts, or name plates, or a little thank you card. All of these can be glamorised and look exciting with glitter, especially for younger guests. 


Glitter makeup

One of the biggest makeup trends of 2017 has seen glitter make up make it to the aisle. The advantages of using face glitter is it can help brides stand out on an occasion that should really be all about you. It can be used with eye shadow, across the cheek, in your hair, or if you have opted for a shoulder-less dress then it can look very stylish on the shoulder or collarbone.

Alternatively, you can save it for the reception party. On a night of spinning mirror balls and your uncles “dazzling moves” then you can have your makeup made in the party spirit by quickly applying glitter during your touch up. 

Sparkle your wedding day


Sparkling dresses

This is the most personal part to any women’s wedding plans and style will change on either personal taste, budget, or body shape. But if you’re hoping for a dress that stands out on Instagram and looks great in your photo album, look for something that sparkles. This can either be with a smattering of glitter, or woven in sequins. 


Matching shoes

Us women love shoes, so when it comes to choosing the right shoes for the big day it can be a hard chore. One, is the style right, two, do they fit, three, can I dance in these all night? These are the three question that need to be answered and sometimes a pair of shoes aren’t the answer to all three. You are having to be seen in these shoes all day though, and you don’t want to look back and wonder why you picked something so boring. Having sparkly shoes can brighten a room, just ask Dorothy.

Perfect glitter wedding


Themed weddings

Couples and wedding planners are all looking for new ways to make their weddings more exciting and individual, and themed weddings are a great way to achieve this. Whether it is based on a popular TV show or film, or just for it to be pink and sparkly, there are endless options. 

A popular one recently for outdoor weddings has been a festival theme. This theme gets everybody in the mood for a party and doesn’t require much more than a band, a marquee, outdoor food, festival makeup, wellies, and nice weather. Although what says British festival better than rain.

Not all themed weddings are a disaster as Don’t Tell the Bride will have you believe, and can display the personalities of you and your fiancé. 

A sketch of the dress and suit

Wedding day gift exchange and wedding guestbook idea. 


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Mother of the Bride Gifts

How to thank your Mum on your Big Day!

Mother of the Bride Gifts

Let’s be honest, weddings are overwhelming, especially when there are so many people involved who all need to be thanked for their efforts. While may be your special day, there are a number of people you need to think about – one of course being the mother of the bride.

Aside from love, support and advice, the mother of the bride may also act as a hostess on the wedding day, help plan your rehearsal dinner, or even host it herself! No matter how big or small your mums involvement in your big day, having her there and helping in the planning process no doubt gives you much needed relief from the pressure a wedding can bring.

So, after all of her help and efforts, it’s important to treat your mum to a gift on your wedding day. Whether you get her something extravagant, or choose to offer a small token of your appreciation, you can’t go wrong with these gift ideas…



The obvious choice for a gift is flowers, and we are not knocking a fresh bouquet – your mum will probably love one! But, while it can be tempting to buy some flowers and call it a day, it can be more meaningful and unique to say thank you with a small plant or tree. If your mother is a bit green fingered, she will especially appreciate the sentiment and will have something in her garden that makes her think of your big day! Cherry blossoms and roses are particularly popular and long lasting.New Release 2017 Roses for winter in Australia #aboutthegardenma


A Spa Weekend

While you jet off on your exotic honeymoon, your mum is likely to be at home and recovering from the months of planning. Why not say thank you with a spa weekend so she can unwind, relax and reflect on the big day. You can even plan a joint day spa, so that you can both spend some quality time together now that you’re a married woman!


Personalised Jewellery

Jewellery is a classic gift that you can’t really go wrong with, but adding an extra touch by personalising it can make an ordinary gift extraordinary. Whether she loves the vintage styling of Thomas Sabo or the glamour of a Gucci Necklace, asking a jeweller to add a personalised engraving will help to make an extra special keepsake!

Thomas Sabo Silver CZ Open Heart Bracelet

Gucci G-Timeless Pink Strap Watch

Whatever way you choose to thank your mum, it’s important to make sure she knows how much you appreciate all of her hard work in the run up to your special day – and always!

A sketch of the dress and suit

Wedding day gift exchange and wedding guestbook idea. 


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Wedding Party Gifts

Perfect Gifts For Everyone

This is a sponsored post.  I received financial compensation in exchange for my fair and honest opinion of a product from Uncommon Goods.  All opinions stated in this post are solely my own. 

Wine Soaps

We love these wine-inspired soaps, which would make great additional gifts to give to your bridal party. These all-natural vegan and gluten-free soaps handmade by Heather Swanepoel have blends from white and red wine varieties. The scents and oils have a citrus scent for chardonnay and have a berry scent for pinot noir. This makes for a lovely blend of shades and fragrances of the inspired wines.  The ingredients include Olive, Coconut, Palm Kernel, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, High Oleic Sunflower & Refined Sweet Almond along with Fragrance. View other bridesmaid gifts here


City Map Glasses

City Map Glass

These classy rocks glasses etched with your city’s distinct grid makes for a personalized groomsmen gift. Designer Brian Johnson has featured an intricate city map curving around each glass. The street names and coordinates are available for all major cities within the US. View other groomsmen gifts here. 


Personalized Socks

Personalized Socks- Set Of 5 Pairs


These one-size fits all personalized socks with your groomsmen initials are perfect for the wedding day. 5 pair set of Supima™ cotton socks provide comfort with any woven phrase you would like. You can choose a classic monogram with initials at the ankle and the full name across the toes or personalize it further for each groomsmen.  With eight characters for the ankle and twenty characters across the toes the possibilities are endless. View other gifts for men here

Uncommon Goods:  About The Company

To maintain an environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and rewarding place to work, Uncommon Goods has outlined several mission statements that all work together to achieve these goals.  They offer handmade, recycled, and organic products in their merchandise assortment.  They use recycled or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) derived paper for their catalogs..