50 Date Ideas For Your Wedding Anniversary

A sketch of her wedding dress is a perfect wedding anniversary gift

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50 Date Ideas

Are you looking forward to celebrate your anniversary? Do you have an idea of where to go or what to do? Well, there is no doubt that this can be quite an uphill task but one that can also be a walk in the park – when armed with the right ideas. All you need to have is just a perfect idea. Here are some great and amazing anniversary ideas that will last in your minds for years! 

  1. Ziplining
  2. Winery trip
  3. Camping 
  4. Beach getaway 
  5. Game night out
  6. Road trip
  7. Skydiving 
  8. Renew your wedding vows
  9. Go for a boat ride
  10. Make dinner together
  11. Watch a movie
  12. Take a long walk together
  13. Visit your hometown
  14. Go watch a play
  15. Go to the botanical gardens
  16. Go ice skating
  17. Go on a plane ride
  18. Go kayaking
  19. Volunteer together
  20. Learn a new activity together
  21. Be tourists for the day
  22. Bowling
  23. Visit the aquarium
  24. Go horseback ridingOne Year Anniversary Gift
  25. Hit up the farmers’ market
  26. Go to a jazz club
  27. Make personalized scavenger hunts for each other
  28. Get massages
  29. Go dancing
  30. Go shopping
  31. Watch a comedy show
  32. Spend the night by the fireplace
  33. Head to the drive-In
  34. Venture Into the Kitchen
  35. Serenade each other
  36. Fulfill your bucket list
  37. Meet for drinks at a local landmark
  38. Take a scenic hike where you first met
  39. Take a day trip together to your favorite spot
  40. Rent a cabin for a weekend away, in the woods or next to a lake or ocean
  41. Take a scenic train trip
  42. Get dressed up to the nines and visit the opera
  43. Go fishing
  44. Have your own personal photo shoot
  45. Watch your wedding video
  46. Mystery trip
  47. Urban exploration
  48. Lunch surprise
  49. Hotel weekend splurge
  50. Technology tune-out

Best Anniversary Gift For Her

The best one year anniversary gift – that perfect gift for that perfect person doesn’t have to be a challenge. Paper anniversary gift ideas to help you give the perfect gift.

Why is it important to give the best anniversary gift?

The first year of marriage is the year of becoming a family – becoming one. This year you are learning about each other, growing and finding each other as one. The one year is the time to celebrate all the ups and downs during that time. It is a time to celebrate your love and commitment to each other. Marriage is worth celebrating and your anniversary is the day to make a memorable occasion. Each anniversary is a time to come together and become a stronger couple; use that moment to discuss, share and know that you are meeting each other’s love language.

What is the best anniversary gift for her?

Personalized Sketch of her Wedding Dress

Hand-drawn sketch, of the bride’s gown and groom’s suit, on high quality drawing paper by Dreamlines Wedding Dress Sketch.

Sexy Kinky Coupons 

best one year anniversary giftThese kinky sex coupons make a funny, sexy gift. Add a little sex and romance to any relationship with these popular love coupons created on paper by FlyrapOnE.


Custom Bookbest one year anniversary gift

Custom book can be created with your wedding date or anniversary date. Each piece of paper in the book is folded by hand and made to order by TheBookArtisan.

Journal – Our Bucket Listbest one year anniversary gift

First anniversary gift journal ‘Our Bucket List’ with blank papers created by TransientBooks.

Why is the traditional one year anniversary gift paper?

Each anniversary year has a gift purpose. For example for the one year anniversary you can gift paper, a carnation or mother of pearl. The ideas below really help you give a gift that has thought and purpose. The order by year of gifts made its appearance in the Victorian era during the 1800’s. The history of traditional anniversary gifts has taken gift giving to a whole new level.

Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas

1 Year – Paper
2 Year – Cotton
3 Year – Leather
4 Year – Linen or silk
5 Year – Wood
6 Year – Iron
7 Year – Wool or copper
8 Year – Bronze
9 Year – Pottery
10 Year – Tin or aluminum
11 Year – Steel
12 Year – Silk
13 Year – Lace
14 Year – Ivory
15 Year – Crystal
20 Year – China
25 Year – Silver
30 Year – Pearl
40 Year – Rubies
45 Year – Sapphires
50 Year – Gold

Flower Anniversary Gift Ideas

1 Year – Carnation
2 Year – Lily of the Valley
3 Year – Sunflower
4 Year – Hydrangea
5 Year – Daisy
6 Year – Calla
7 Year – Freesia
8 Year – Lilac
9 Year – Bird of Paradise
10 Year – Daffodil
11 Year – Tulip
12 Year – Peony
13 Year – Chrysanthemum
14 Year – Dahlia
15 Year – Rose
16 Year – Aster
25 Year – Iris
28 Year – Orchid
30 Year – Lily
40 Year – Gladiolus
50 Year – Yellow rose or violet

Gemstone Anniversary Gift Ideas

1 Year – Mother of Pearl
2 Year – Garnet
3 Year – Moonstone
4 Year – Blue Topaz
5 Year – Rose Quartz
6 Year – Amethyst
7 Year – Onyx
8 Year – Tourmaline
9 Year – Lapis Lazuli
10 Year – Crystal or Green Tourmaline
11 Year – Turquoise
12 Year – Jade
13 Year – Citrine
14 Year – Opal
15 Year – Rhodolite
20 Year – Emerald
25 Year – Tsavorite
30 Year – Pearl
40 Year – Ruby
50 Year – Gold

One Year Anniversary Gift For My Wife

Finding the Perfect One Year Anniversary Gift, Event & Getaway To Make The Day Special For Her

If you’ve been reading a lot on weddings, one year anniversary celebrations and anniversary gifts, you certainly must have noticed one of the most common questions that many people ask – what is the perfect anniversary gift should I buy my wife? Well, that is the million dollar question. Doing your research right goes a long way in helping you know what to look out for, what to do and, most importantly, what not to do. There are many anniversary gifts that have the power to bring you that breathtaking moment. 

One Year Anniversary Gift Resources

Paper Anniversary Gift – Her Wedding Dress Sketched

Anniversary Gifts By Year 

one year anniversary


Planning Your Anniversary Party

Planning your anniversary is such a fun time and doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It is all about making that special day a success and one that will stick with you for a lifetime. And, actually, that should be the sole reason of having that special day – making your spouse happy and reminding them all those good times that you guys have had together. Therefore, plan well, put your priorities right and consider the various factors that will contribute into making your day great.

One Year Anniversary Party/ Event Resources

Anniversary Party Ideas

one year anniversary

Anniversary Date Ideas 

one year anniversary

How To Celebrate First Wedding Anniversaries

one year anniversary

Anniversary Getaways

Did you know that anniversary getaways are one of the best ways to rekindle that love in your relationship?  Getaways have worked magic for many couples. You only need to know where to go and what really would make your trip one out of a million. For instance, you can decide to visit a resort, an inn or even a beach. 

One Year Anniversary Weekend Getaways

Romantic Weekend – Vacation Idea

one year anniversary

50 Best Romantic Getaways

Groupon Romantic Getaways

10 Romantic Getaways

one year anniversary

Anniversary Vacation Ideas

one year anniversary

Inclusive Couple Trips

one year anniversary

31 Romantic Island Getaways

one year anniversary

Best Couples Trips In America – All States

one year anniversary 

Celebrity Wedding Anniversaries

It is definitely a fact that goes unmentioned that wedding celebrations don’t end on the wedding day, no. anniversaries mark big and important days in in a couple’s life together and that is why they should be celebrated at all cost. But that said and done, you should always know that your wedding anniversary celebrations should not cost you a leg and an arm. Stage a celebration party that fits for you, because a little planning will make your anniversary as magical as a celebrity outing. 

Fun Celebrity Wedding Anniversary Sightings

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

one year anniversary

Star Wedding Anniversaries

one year anniversary

Martha Stewart  – Celebrity Wedding Anniversary dates

one year anniversary

Celebrity Anniversaries – Lasting Love

Celebrity Anniversary – PopSugar 

one year anniversary


Anniversary Stories

Anniversary stories can be so interesting! I don’t know if you know that. They really are. Look for such stories and they will, beyond any reasonable doubt, leave you with such an amazing feeling. You will hear of a couple who opened their present after their first fight, of someone who gave their kidney and such great and moving stories. Mostly, anniversary stories can be found both on newspapers and over the internet – digital versions of newspapers. 

Beautiful Wedding Anniversary Stories

Anniversaries Celebrated

A Wedding Anniversary Gift From You

Women love being appreciated and as for wives, it is very much so. The wedding day could be described as the happiest day in a woman’s life and memories revolving around this day are usually cherished. Anniversaries bring back such lovely and fond memories and the best way to do this is by making this day all about the both of you. 

A Perfect Anniversary Day

You can start by taking the day off to spend the day with her.

You could wake up before her to make an amazing breakfast in bed.

Designed by Freepik

Take her out on a date where you can re-pledge your love and commitment all over again.

Then you can give her a sketch of her wedding dress and your suit.

  wedding gift from groom

How to Find the Perfect Anniversary Gift

Perfect Anniversary Gift

Finding the perfect anniversary gift for a matrimony or anniversary is supposed to be easy especially if you are the future/current spouse, a close friend or family member. After all, you are more likely to know what the recipient likes or loves. However, this is not often the case as with the choices out there, it is more confusing than ever to choose a suitable present. If there is a forthcoming wedding, the registry is a safe choice to browse for possible gifts. It will also provide an idea of what the future bride and groom like or need.

If you know the couple well and have the talent for creating art, you might want to give portraits of the couple. For those who have no time, gifting a partner or couple with a sketch of their wedding outfits is a good idea. Research also shows that ‘experience’ gifts are well-received. You might consider a spa day, weekend break or a hiking date complete with a picnic as presents. More information on planning a romantic surprise hiking getaway is available in this article.

perfect anniversary gift

Cotton Anniversary Gift

Two year anniversary gift ideas – the traditional two year gift is cotton.  Really fun personalized  gifts. Click on each each image to find out more.


cotton anniversary giftMr & Mrs Cotton Pillows

cotton anniversary giftCotton Canvas Art Sheet Music

cotton anniversary giftCotton Canvas portrait

cotton anniversary giftPersonalized Cotton Sheets

cotton anniversary gift

Her Wedding Dress Sketched & Place In A Cotton Frame

First Year Marriage Tips

I stumbled upon this amazing blogger who loves love and they truly are showing others how to make it work with marriage tips and ideas.

“First year of marriage advice is essential for newlyweds to enjoy and adjust to their first year of marriage!

If you just put the ring on, or consider yourself a newlywed, look no further. We have also been where you are today.

We know what it feels like and had some really hard moments during our first few months of marriage.

That being said, we wrote the First Year of Marriage book and published this article to serve as a resource for your first year of marriage.” 

Click here to read to more. 

marriage tips