Mother’s Day Gift For My Wife

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your wife? We are here to save the day. A personalized sketch of her wedding dress, your suit and even bouquet. 

mothers day gift for my wife

View our gallery of wedding dress sketches, at Pinterest. Just click on the sketch.

mothers day gift for my wife

View our gallery of wedding dress sketches, at WeddingWire. Just click on the sketch.

mothers day gift for my wife

View our gallery of wedding dress sketches, at Facebook. Just click on the sketch.

Wedding Gift Cards

Wedding Gift Cards

Wedding gift cards that are just a little more special. Give the couple a gift they will truly love. 

StubHub allows you to pick out a gift card with a personalized photo, text or audio message.


The happy couple can choose from thousands of wines and must-have accessories with their gift card. 

Exceptional whole tea leaves the world has to offer all tucked away in a gift card for the couple.

wedding gift cardsThe couple can work with an artist to create a personalized sketch of her dress and his suit.


Click on each image to view their details. 

Wedding Dress Giveaway

Enter for the chance to design your very own wedding dress with a wedding dress giveaway. Almond Tree Weddings Dream Dress Design Challenge allows the bride to create her wedding dress. The winner will also receive a hand-drawn sketch her custom made wedding dress.

Enter Here To Submit Your Wedding Dress Design 

Wedding Dress Giveaway

What bride has not dreamed of creating her very own wedding dress? A little creativity and style will win a custom-made dream wedding dress … for FREE! Dreamlines Wedding Dress Sketch has partnered with Almond Tree Weddings to provide a one-of-a-kind beautiful, hand-crafted sketch of her winning dress. A perfect way to capture the most important details of her dress on the most important day of her life!  View our gallery here.
wedding dress giveaway

wedding dress giveaway

wedding dress giveaway

wedding dress giveaway


Don’t Forget About A Wedding Gift To Each Other.
The winner of the Dream Dress Design Challenge
can add onto the Wedding Dress Sketch. 
Just contact us for pricing. 

Show it off at the reception and have your guests sign the mat border around the sketch. 

Wedding Suits for the Groom: What You Need To Know

The History Of Wedding Suits For Men

Very few people can authoritatively tell you when wedding suits were first used. However there are important things that you need to know as far as suits for men are concerned, particularly suits for the groom.

In the early 19th century, men used to wear coats with ‘tails’ till a point where one Beau Brummell invented suits for men. He refused the then frock coats and powdered wigs in favor of full length trousers. The invention marked the birth of the suits we wear today. Abraham Lincoln, commonly referred to as Honest Abe, who also rose to become America’s 16th president, also goes into the books in terms of the history of suits for men. Basically, the history of suits for men dates back to early 1800s.

wedding suits

Styles Of Suits For Weddings

There is no doubt that, in weddings, the suits for the groom just is the case with the suits for groomsmen, matters a lot. They tell a lot about their style and taste. Here are the commonly used suit styles.

wedding suits

Re-use Wedding Suit

The re-use wedding suit is basically perfect for any type of wedding – daytime, evening, cold or hot weather and indoors or outdoors. It is also a type of suit that the groom can use for work or in other functions after his wedding. It is normally not flashy. The material should ideally be 100% wool or a blend of wool and cashmere.

wedding suits

The Casual Wedding Suits

The casual wedding suits are typically for outdoors weddings, for instance, at the beach or somewhere in a garden. They can also be used for weddings that take place during warmer seasons. They help the groom to get a bit more relaxed – not really a formal look. They can be made of linen, cotton or even lightweight wool materials.

wedding suits

The Statement Wedding Suits

The statement wedding suits are usually meant for indoors or evening weddings. They can however be used for daytime outdoor ceremonies. They are the kind of suits for the groom that will help them stand out. They are made of wool or a mixture of wool and cashmere or better still silk.
wedding suits

Get A Personal Sketch Of Your Bride’s Wedding Dress
Perfect Wedding Day Gift From Youwedding-gift-from-groom

BHLDN Wedding Dress

Build your own look with wedding separates by BHLDN Wedding Dress Shop. This dreamy idea is what every little girl has been dreaming of. The wedding separates trend is so easy, as they have a unique mix and match tool, which allows you to picture your dream wedding dress. You can combine wedding corsets with a bridal skirt. Being able to have a little part in creating your own wedding dress is truly magical. To be able to show off your style with a little help from a designer is just amazing. As you design your wedding dress they have stylists available to help you. Time to create you dream wedding dress – click here

BHLDN Wedding Dress

bhldn wedding dress


Don’t Forget About A Wedding Gift To Each Other.
Your Wedding Dress & Maybe Even His Suit Sketched Too!

Show it off at the reception and have your guests sign the mat border around the sketch. 
gift exchange

Bachelor Party Idea

This is the funnest bachelor party idea! You can blast confetti from your hands when you high five. Boys will be boys. There are 6 confetti cartridges. It easily reloads. Only place I could find it was on Amazon. You can click here to order. bachelor party idea

Planning A Bridal Shower

Brides created a great article to help for planning bridal shower. Planning a bridal shower can be hosted by the mother, mother in law, sister, etc. It can be anyone who is up for it. Such a fun event to host.  Click here to check out the article. 

planning bridal shower

Best One Year Anniversary Gift

The best one year anniversary gift – that perfect gift for that perfect person doesn’t have to be a challenge. Paper anniversary gift ideas to help you give the perfect gift.

What is it important to give the best one year anniversary gift?

The first year of marriage is the year of becoming a family – becoming one. This year you are learning about each other, growing and finding each other as one. The one year is the time to celebrate all the ups and downs during that time. It is a time to celebrate your love and commitment to each other. Marriage is worth celebrating and your anniversary is the day to make a memorable occasion. Each anniversary is a time to come together and become a stronger couple; use that moment to discuss, share and know that you are meeting each other’s love language.

What is the best one year anniversary gift for her?

best one year anniversary giftThese kinky sex coupons make a funny, sexy gift. Add a little sex and romance to any relationship with these popular love coupons created on paper by FlyrapOnE.


best one year anniversary gift

Hand-drawn sketch, of the bride’s gown and groom’s suit, on high quality drawing paper by Dreamlines Wedding Dress Sketch.


best one year anniversary gift

Love quote print is personalized with the couples names. Printed on archival paper by WordsWorkPrint.

best one year anniversary giftCustom book can be created with your wedding date or anniversary date. Each piece of paper in the book is folded by hand and made to order by TheBookArtisan.

best one year anniversary giftFirst anniversary gift journal ‘Our Bucket List’ with blank papers created by TransientBooks.


Why is the traditional one year anniversary gift paper?

Each anniversary year has a gift purpose. For example for the one year anniversary you can gift paper, a carnation or mother of pearl. The ideas below really help you give a gift that has thought and purpose. The order by year of gifts made its appearance in the Victorian era during the 1800’s. The history of traditional anniversary gifts has taken gift giving to a whole new level.

Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas

1 Year – Paper
2 Year – Cotton
3 Year – Leather
4 Year – Linen or silk
5 Year – Wood
6 Year – Iron
7 Year – Wool or copper
8 Year – Bronze
9 Year – Pottery
10 Year – Tin or aluminum
11 Year – Steel
12 Year – Silk
13 Year – Lace
14 Year – Ivory
15 Year – Crystal
20 Year – China
25 Year – Silver
30 Year – Pearl
40 Year – Rubies
45 Year – Sapphires
50 Year – Gold

Flower Anniversary Gift Ideas

1 Year – Carnation
2 Year – Lily of the Valley
3 Year – Sunflower
4 Year – Hydrangea
5 Year – Daisy
6 Year – Calla
7 Year – Freesia
8 Year – Lilac
9 Year – Bird of Paradise
10 Year – Daffodil
11 Year – Tulip
12 Year – Peony
13 Year – Chrysanthemum
14 Year – Dahlia
15 Year – Rose
16 Year – Aster
25 Year – Iris
28 Year – Orchid
30 Year – Lily
40 Year – Gladiolus
50 Year – Yellow rose or violet

Gemstone Anniversary Gift Ideas

1 Year – Mother of Pearl
2 Year – Garnet
3 Year – Moonstone
4 Year – Blue Topaz
5 Year – Rose Quartz
6 Year – Amethyst
7 Year – Onyx
8 Year – Tourmaline
9 Year – Lapis Lazuli
10 Year – Crystal or Green Tourmaline
11 Year – Turquoise
12 Year – Jade
13 Year – Citrine
14 Year – Opal
15 Year – Rhodolite
20 Year – Emerald
25 Year – Tsavorite
30 Year – Pearl
40 Year – Ruby
50 Year – Gold

Wedding Suit Trends for 2016 & 2017

So in love with the more fitted and slim fit style for wedding suits.  Weddings Online has the top five wedding suit styles and where to buy. Click on each suit to learn more about the 2016 & 2017 suit styles.
wedding suits

wedding suits

wedding suitsSuits images found on Weddings Online

Get A Personal Sketch Of Your Bride’s Wedding Dress
Perfect Wedding Day Gift From Youwedding-gift-from-groom

Welcome to Dreamlines! Click on the gift below that matches your need. If you have any questions please chat with me below!